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The Institute of Regenerative Health is an institute dedicated to teaching our practitioners how to get to the root cause of disease and prevent chronic illness.


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Are you looking to enter the health coaching world?  


Do you have a passion to help others prevent and reverse illness?  


Would you like a career helping others thrive? 


Come learn the difference between becoming a general health coach vs. a certified Regenerative Health Practitioner. 



Regenerative Health allows you to understand the root cause of illness and imbalance in the human body and provide the tools to help your future clients to regenerate. 


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Taking this course at the Institute of Regenerative Health really changed my life in more ways than one. Everything is rooted in deep science and chemistry, and Carrie makes the information extremely easy to digest. Everything is laid out very well, and you have all the expertise, support, and resources you need to succeed. I’ve always had a love for learning, and I will say that the knowledge that I gained in this course is truly invaluable. I would recommend this course to anyone who has a passion for health, helping others, and/or root cause healing.


I have learned so much from the IORH and I'm so thankful I took this course. Even with my nursing background, I have grown exponentially in my understanding of the human body, the process of disease and how to reverse chronic conditions through detoxification and regeneration of the body. I have acquired many new skills that I wish were more mainstream and utilized in western medicine. I'm really glad this program was created to get this information out to more people.

To anyone looking at continuing their education in holistic health and wanting to learn about the root cause of what is happening in the body, this is the program.

I would consider this an accelerated program, however this course is extremely thorough! The information presented is very impactful and very applicable. I have historically been an auditory learner so I loved listening to the lectures as well as the live group classes. The notes and reading material provided were very helpful in understanding the information as well. No matter the learning style, I think this program has something for everyone. Carrie is a phenomenal educator and is really supportive of her students.


The institutes of regenerative health provided me with everything I was looking for in a program. I learned about the chemistry of the body and our foods as well as the science behind dis-ease. I left the program feeling equipped and knowledgeable to help others achieve their health goals. The one on one support with Carrie along with classroom time was an invaluable resource and support system. Utilizing what I learned through this program has me feeling the best I ever have in my body. Being able to help others feel healthy in their bodies has been more rewarding then I could have ever dreamed of. 


The regenerative health course was such an amazing experience for me! Carrie is so knowledgeable and her teachings were easy to follow and understand. The online course is paced well and so full of valuable information. There are many resources and infographics along the way to help with the learning process. Carrie was always available to answer any questions and supported me through the whole process.  I highly recommend this course for anyone who’s passionate about health and helping others.  It’s easy to see that Carrie is deeply passionate about teaching others about regenerative health! I am extremely grateful to have stumbled across this course.


Signing up for the Regenerative Health Practitioner course with Carrie Drinkwine was one of the best decisions that I’ve ever made. Not only did I learn about how our food is produced, how it affects our health, the physiology of our bodies, soil health, face mapping, and Iridology but I was also able to support my own healing journey in unimaginable ways. The information was presented in easy-to-understand ways and Carrie is extremely professional. I truly looked forward to every class session and loved the community aspect. I highly recommend this course! 5 stars


My experience as a graduate from the institute of regenerative health has been life changing. Carrie is a gifted teacher who brings over a decade of advanced training and practice to educate her students in small intimate class settings. As a student, I gained the knowledge to first assess and create a protocol for my own health needs as well as others within my cohort. Thanks to this thorough 3 month intensive, I am now a confident practitioner who has a sound understanding of iridology, herbalism, detoxification and regenerative health. I am grateful to also receive continuing education from the Institute and a make a difference in the health journey of so many others. 


I am a full time mama, Yoga Teacher, Professional Kukuwa African Dance Instructor, and taking this course at the Institute of Regenerative Health has been more than I could've asked for. It was an intensive advanced course so it was a lot of information, education, and learning in a few months but it was the best experience for me and my health, wealth, and Education Transformation. I cried, I laughed but I now have the tools to share with others that may benefit them in the most positive and beautiful way of getting to the ROOT cause of their suffering. Learning Science, Physics, Anatomy, Chemistry, Iridology and the overall health of our systems, organs, glands and life has given me so much to work with in my community and practice. I have been suffering from health issues from past experiences and I have been working on Spiritual transformation for my health, this really helped with that because it helped me understand that when our gut is not awake, we are not awake Mentally, Physically, Emotionally, Sexually, or Spiritually. Professor Carrie was very supportive every step of the way and really encouraged us to dig deeper into our own health journeys to fully understand how to help others on theirs. I built relationships with my classmates from all over and now we have a forever bond. I loved the One on One's to really connect with her and any questions I had about each or any of the coursework. I am excited for the next steps and am forever grateful for the Institute of Regenerative Health. 

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